Reasons to Love Loveleaf Cleaning

  • We refer to the Environmental Worker’s Group website to ensure our products have a “B” or higher rating
  • The cleaning industry is notorious for rapid turnover due to low wages and lack of appreciation. This fact is recognized by Loveleaf and it’s why our employees are compensated handsomely and additionally rewarded to show them they are deeply cared for
  • As a former career marketer, the owner understands the consumer journey and therefore how important your overall experience is
  • This business came from a true love of cleaning. These meticulous training methodologies and values have been passed down from the owner to all Loveleaf team members to ensure consistent and detailed practices
  • Your safety, security, and trust in us is front and center, which is why we pride ourselves on conducting thorough criminal background checks as well as verifying personal and professional references.
  • We are insured and bonded
  • While the business experiences phenomenal growth, we will always maintain that small, local, and approachable vibe that you’ve come to know and love