About Loveleaf

Over the years, anyone who walked into my home asked me if I could come clean theirs.

While I certainly took pride in my cleaning and organizational habits, I did (kind of) laugh off these compliments.  After 15 years in corporate, it was time to switch to Plan B  (or the new Plan A).  I thank my friends and family for planting the seed decades ago.

why we only clean green

As a business, we hear all too often how many families have lost their cleaner (of many years) due to illness. This is just one critical reason, why everyone who cleans, should adopt safer practices.  Fortunately,  there is no other way for our team members to perform this job. The safety of your family members (fur babies included) and ours should never be compromised.

We also care deeply about our environment. The owner has always been  passionate about about this subject matter and implements a clean living, internally and externally.

Thank you for considering Loveleaf Cleaning, LLC

A little love goes a long way